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I'm excited to be helping Tremap Crowdfund by painting a new picture of the Nearly There Trees which will be available as a reward for pledging with them.  There will also be 50 limited edition signed Giclee prints and sets of my greetings cards with pledges. 

About Tremap

Our purpose is to know every tree on earth.  Help us locate every tree, all three trillion of them. Tremap is the first locator of its kind and with your help will be the most accurate and complete tree database in the world. 

We locate and label every tree on earth

Tremap locates and virtually labels every tree on earth, simply by using your phone.  Locating trees from Chile to China is now the challenge for tremappers!  The greatest tree and tech talents are working with tremap to locate and label trees. We need your help to build the largest tree database in the world.


Available as a pledge reward either the original painting or as a limited edition signed print.


Set of five greetings cards.  Available as a pledge reward.

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