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Miniatures & Minis

During the initial 2020 pandemic lockdown period my daily dog walks became even more important. I have always loved the wildflowers in our beautiful Devon lanes and noting their changes through the seasons but last spring they became all the more poignant.  With my studio full to bursting with larger paintings that couldn't go to the exhibitions they had been painted for it didn't seem right to keep producing larger work and frankly I wasn't to inspired to do so.

I started playing with ideas working on a really small scale (still using my trusty palette knife which is actually nearly as big as the tiny canvases I work on!). Here are the results of Lockdown in my studio.


During the majority of 2020 any exhibitions I had booked in were not able to happen and therefore I had to change the way in which I worked.  I started by adding all my work to online art sales platforms including my own website and Artfinder.  I have produced little mini paintings for a while as I feel it is important that anyone can buy original art.  Browse and order these mini paintings in my shop

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