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The Coming Home Trees or Cookworthy Knapp

I have always love this small copse of trees.  They are in Devon but just before the Cornish border and have always meant 'Coming Home' to me.  Growing up and studying 'up country' we say meant I was 30 mins from home when driving back, I now live a couple of miles away so they really are home.  It is such an iconic view for so many people, locals and holiday makers alike. The copse is known by many different names by people living in and visiting the area.  'Cornwall Beyond, Grandma's Trees, Nearly Home, Nearly There Trees ' are a few examples.

I am happy to paint this wonderful copse as a commision just send me an email for a quote. I also have limited edition Gicelee Prints, greetings cards and mini original paintings too.

Here is a lovely article on ITV West Country News about the copse ITV West Country News filmed in November 2019.

In the summer of 2017 I was lucky enough to be featured on the BBC news website with a great feature  The landmarks that mean you're nearly home (click for link).

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